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MAR Casting is among the fastest growing refractory suppliers in the industry. We are looking for skilled and experienced professionals to help us continue to develop our global project.

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Our represented Allied Mineral Products is among the fastest growing global refractory companies. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the company was founded in 1961 and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of monolithic refractories and prefabricated refractory forms. We have a strong presence in the foundry, aluminum, steel and industrial markets worldwide, selling more than 1,400 products in more than 100 countries. Its sales are backed by 16 manufacturing facilities in 9 countries, with representatives located in more than 20 countries.

At MAR Casting, we are looking for trained and motivated people, eager to join our team and help us provide refractory products of the highest range in the market.

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In engineering, assembly, production, sales, customer service and management

Business Culture

We have a strong culture, based on teamwork and passion for "being there" for our customers

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We offer equal opportunities, without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, origin or disability

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If you are interested in a job and need help completing this application, interviewing or participating in the employee selection process, you can contact Human Resources at 942 544 742, or send your resume to us at marcasting@marcasting.net.

  • Administration Staff

    We’re looking for an experienced Administrative Assistant.
    Work Center: Bergara - Gipuzcoa
    Function: Warehouse Control and Logistics

  • Technical Staff

    We are looking for Technical Engineer, Draftsman and Supervisor.
    Work centre: Bergara - Gipuzcoa
    Function: Technical and Commercial

  • Production Workers

    We are looking for officers with experience in refractories.
    Work centre: Bergara - Gipuzcoa
    Function: Works and Montages

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