Pre-Drying, Heat Treatment, Sintering and Installation Commissioning Services

About the project

Direction of work:
Refractory Volume:
Ending Date:
2000 – 2019

What have we done?

A good product and proper installation alone cannot guarantee optimal performance. Let’s make a simile with F1, and suppose that we have a good car, provided by elite engineering, we have fitted it with good tires, fitted by suitable mechanics; We would then lack a good pilot, The User. Only he can guarantee the correct application of the minimum required standards that allow profitable ratios to be obtained safely. He controls the vehicle, and serves as a link between engineers and mechanics.

We have our own Combustion Equipment, with powers from 60 to 900 Kw, which allow us to not only pre-dry, but also reach temperatures of up to 1200 ºC.