We acquired a new 1,180 Kw Combustion Equipment.

Acquired during Fiscal Year 2019, it provides us with the possibility of expanding our services and allows us to carry out drying and curing processes at temperatures up to 1200ºC.
The Combustion Equipment has a high speed burner, model 4441-8B, the air / gas mixture is produced in the nozzle and consequently without the possibility of flame return, provides a power of 1,180 kW, the power range available is only limited by the control system used, within its scope of operation.
It has a carbon steel body with the burner block supported on another piece of refractory steel boilerwork. The burner body incorporates a spark plug for direct ignition, a sight glass and an orifice for the flame detector, it also has air and gas pressure taps for equipment adjustment. It produces a
high speed short flame.
The nominal consumption of natural gas is 112 Nm3/h (n).

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