Linings and Repairs in Crucible Induction Furnaces

About the project

Direction of work:
Refractory Volume:
Ending Date:
2000 – 2019

What have we done?

In recent years, there has been a growing request in the Foundry Industry to develop larger and more powerful Crucible Induction Furnaces for Iron and Steel alloys. Production demands and the need to optimize electrical costs have driven many Foundries and Steel Mills to invest in Induction Melting furnaces, not only larger, but also faster and more flexible. These technological advances in Induction Furnaces are a challenge for the main Engineering and Manufacturers of these furnaces, and also represent, for suppliers of refractory products, a greater demand, in Research and Development, to provide innovative advances, and new alternatives. ,  both in acidic and neutral products, as well as to develop more efficient Assembly Systems for these applications. Larger and more powerful installations also force users to retrain and continue training. And all this, subject to the increasingly demanding Quality Assurance Standards, which, specifically and globally, are imposed for this activity.


We could say therefore, looking towards the future, that there are reasons, not only Functional and Economic, but also Safety and Hygiene, that will force us to take new steps forward, in relation to Refractory Products for these Facilities.


Each of these reasons will in turn require a more or less periodic analysis of the three most important influencing factors, Product, Assembly and Process. In the three factors, MAR Casting can add to its own experience, all that of its Partners.

Our specialty is in the assembly of all types of refractory linings in these facilities, where we have carried out more than 4,000 interventions, both Preventive, Operative and Emergency.

At this point, in the montage, we must reflect on something also very important, but which is rarely, or ignored, talked about; people. In some cases, the degree of general acceptance to carry out these works is at a minimum that should be unacceptable. And not because of the people themselves, who deserve all the respect, but because of the lack of specific training, and necessary to not convey an image of lack of specialization, or insecurity to the user. We should improve and:

– Avoid a sloppy image, with a feeling of lack of professionalism and specialization.

– Eradicate the conviction that what is done is good only because “it was always done that way.”

– Avoid misconceptions, repeated for years, just out of habit, but without any technical basis.

– Enhance knowledge of the most basic properties of the refractory products handled.

– Train, and explain the reasons why certain tasks are carried out.

-Inform the staff of errors and/or failures in the coatings carried out, if they occur,

In this area, it is extremely important what we are obliged to work on and offer to the Client, for this activity: Continuing Training, Professional Training and Personal Image; and that this contributes, not only to a better performance of their tasks, but also to highlighting often hard and responsible work, which on the other hand does not enjoy the recognition it deserves.